The Beech Academy Celebrated World Book Day by Dressing as Their Favourite Book Characters

On Thursday 7th March students and staff across all three sites at The Beech Academy celebrated World Book Day by dressing as their favourite book characters. `Sharing a story` was the theme of the day and a variety of reading sessions took place around school and in lessons. Students took part in multisensory lessons that were linked to a book or poem.

The KS4 students at Westfield read an extract from `Skellig` by David Almond where Skellig asks Michael for` Number 27 and 53`. These are food items from a Chinese menu so Mrs Cooper encouraged the students to try some chicken chow mein, sweet and sour chicken, prawn crackers and duck spring rolls!!

Students entered lots of competitions and enjoyed shopping and swapping their book tokens in Tesco and W.H Smiths.