Why do we have a uniform?

  • It helps to create a positive learning environment.
  • It encourages formality and smartness which will be required by future employers.
  • It promotes team spirit and identity. We are a community and students are recognised as being from Beech Academy.
  • Students are expected to wear their uniform with pride and in such a way that reflects the ethos of high standards and achievement at Beech Academy. Smartness, health and safety considerations and common sense form the basis of the expected standards of appearance.

Our School Uniform

    Students: At Beech Academy, we aspire for scholastic excellence in all our students. This starts with their appearance. Students are required to wear:
  • An Academy V-Neck jumper/cardigan (black and gold logo) or an Academy blazer (black with gold logo and trim)
  • A white polo shirt or a white shirt
  • Black trousers/bottoms
  • Black shoes/plain black trainers
  • PE kit – all students are to be provided with a black and gold T-shirt. Students are to wear
  • black bottoms/shorts also
Extremes of hair style such as unnatural bright colourings and shaved patterns (as decided by the school) are not permitted. Earrings: 1 spherical stud only. To be worn on the lower lobe of each ear.

Jewellery: No jewellery other than plain earrings (see above) and one plain ring. No facial or body piercings are permitted.