Specialist Provision - At our Westfield Site

Our Specialist Provision is based at the Westfield Site. It offers a more personalised curriculum for young people who would not normally have their needs met within a special school. Typically, students within the Specialist Provision have;

  • Complex communication difficulties that preclude participation, understanding and contribution in the majority of settings.
  • Extreme anxiety that often requires 1:1 support to engage with learning even in the home environment
  • Little or no evidence of positive social relationships as result of inability to understand social norms and inability to interpret verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Average or above average cognitive ability in many academic subjects
  • Extreme and frequent response to a wide range of sensory stimuli requiring major adjustments or bespoke learning environment

Consultations for placement will follow the same format as those for all students at The Beech Academy i.e. through the SEND Officers at County Hall.

Many of the pupils in the cohort have had significant time away from a school environment and support is tailored to enable them to engage in a learning environment. Ideally, we aim to teach pupils in groups no larger than 4, although we recognise that this is a long-term aim and individuals may need individual programmes initially.

The curriculum is at a higher academic level than that offered at the main site; pupils are able to access higher grade GCSEs and equivalent qualifications. Throughout there is a strong focus on enrichment, skills for daily living, independence and well-being. At Key Stage 3 we cover a broad curriculum and focus on re-engagement. Currently at Key Stage 4 we offer courses in English Language, English Literature, Maths, Photography and Biology GCSEs, BTEC Level 2 Applied Science, Level 2 Functional Skills IT, Level 2 Aims Award, BTEC Hospitality and NCFE Creative Crafts. At Post 16 we offer re-sits if necessary in English and Maths, GCSE History, BTEC Level 2 Home Cooking Skills and a preparation for adulthood and employability programme. The curriculum at all ages includes Forest School and other opportunities to develop strategies to manage anxiety.

Pupils who attend the provision are given the opportunity to gain qualifications, but we are mindful that success can be measured in many ways for this cohort. For some it is the fact that they have re-engaged with learning, for others it may be that Beech Academy is a stepping stone into further education or training. We work closely with CAMHS and other agencies to ensure that everyone has realistic expectations, and flexibility of provision allows us to meet fluctuating needs.