Head Teachers welcome

As a ‘Values’ driven Multi Academy Trust, everything we do is centred around these principles. To achieve this, our students aspire to display the following 5 values in all they do:

  • Ambition: Striving for the highest personal achievement
  • Integrity: The moral courage to be sincere, reliable and trustworthy at all times
  • Inclusivity: Together we create a stronger community
  • Endeavour: The best preparation for tomorrow is doing the best today
  • Resilience: Take on challenges, learn and thrive

We believe that secondary education represents a major stage in the life of each young person and so we aim to work together with parents, carers, governors, agencies and the local community to support our young people; enabling them to develop and grow within this community and in building together a real sense of identity within The Beech Academy as part of the Evolve Trust.

As an Academy that caters for young people with a range of special needs including Autistic Spectrum Condition and moderate learning difficulties, we work on a daily basis to turn ‘I cant’s in to I cans’ and as the Head Teacher of the Beech Academy, I am proud to recommend it to you. We recognise the equal value of each individual young person and we aim to provide the best possible opportunities for your child. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Yours sincerely

Mr Michael Lucas – Head Teacher