Our Curriculum Intent

At The Beech Academy, we are committed to ensuring that all of our pupils engage in a curriculum that develops interest, curiosity and creativity, and removes barriers. There is a strong emphasis on developing fundamental skills in literacy and numeracy alongside developing conceptual understanding and rich knowledge across a broad range of subjects. The curriculum is enhanced by high quality experiences that aim to develop pupils cultural capital and give them first hand experiences that otherwise might not be possible.

Every pupil is recognised as a unique individual and the curriculum is designed to meet their individual needs. All of our pupils will develop the skills to become contributing citizens to society that live out our core values of Ambition; Integrity; Inclusivity; Endeavour and Resilience on a daily basis. Our curriculum will enhance the social mobility chances of all our children to ensure they make lasting contributions to society and enable them to turn "I can't" into "I can".


Curriculum Design Principles

  1. Research on cognitive and schema development theory underpins our design with regular opportunities for knowledge revisits and retrieval;
  2. Knowledge and the capacity it provides to apply skills is a priority;
  3. Progression of content and concepts is clearly thought out, with clearly defined expectations for the end of each Milestone;
  4. Reading is a priority as it is the key to unlocking the rest of the curriculum;
  5. It has breadth because narrowing the curriculum damages the life chances of all children but particularly the most disadvantaged


At the Beech Academy, each pupils has a bespoke journey to ensure they have an ambitious future. Our Scholarship road maps are a visual tool to represent this journey across each of our provisions and any young person who joins the Academy has a clear set of pledges that they work to so we ensure they graduate at the end of the year. We also pride ourselves on Character Education so all students have access and thrive in leading specific aspects across the Academy. You will see our road maps in the reception areas of both sites. Do take the time to look at our journey.