Year 11 Life Experience Week

On Monday the Year 11 Team arrived at Portland and were met by the NCS staff and Adventure service group. The day was filled with hide and seek games with camo clothing/nets and camo paint, shelter building with tarps, water filtration and fire lighting. The pupils then cooked their own popcorn and hot chocolate. They all really enjoyed their first day!

On day 2 we were met at the Mill adventure center, where we were briefed on the safety and outcomes of the day. In the morning the pupils had a go at paddling the 6 man canoes around the lake with a lot of resilience shown, all pupils achieved this with vigor. The afternoon came around fast and we found ourselves in the indoor climbing center. What an amazing session, the pupils all lived the core values from supporting each other with inclusivity and great ambition shown throughout. Nearly everyone achieved what they wanted to achieve and the pupils managed to get to the top of the wall or as far as they physically could climb. This concluded the first part of the program.

Day 3, we moved onto phase 2. This is all about how the pupils can mature and grow! We attended a workshop on team work and then we put this into practice by completing an exercise around the college campus!