Top marks for anti-bullying!

The Beech Academy has been awarded top marks for its anti-bullying work.  Throughout the last academic year, the Academy worked with The Anti-Bullying Alliance in a DfE funded project to reduce bullying and improve the well-being of pupils.  The Academy was informed last week that it has been awarded Gold Status, the highest ranking.  Sarah Barrett, Director of Provision and All Together School lead said, ‘We are very proud that our work has been recognised as innovative and effective.  No school can say there is no bullying, but what is important is that when a problem exists between two people it should be resolved promptly, preferably by talking.  Our use of restorative practices empowers young people to say how they feel and identify how they would like situations to change.’ During the last Ofsted inspection inspectors commented that ‘pupils did not raise any concerns about bullying. Those pupils who spoke with inspectors said they were confident in the staff’s ability to deal with concerns.’