Beech Academy proud to be awarded prestigious Stonewall Silver award for equality @stonewalluk



The Beech Academy (as part of the Evolve Trust) embraces inclusivity as one of its core values.  In recognition of the work the school has done to promote equality for all, Stonewall has awarded the Beech Academy a silver award.  Only 8 schools nationally (across all phases and designations) have been awarded silver in the past two years, and only 87 schools in total have received an award at any level over the same timeframe.

Stonewall says “The Bronze, Silver and Gold awards give greater recognition to schools tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying and celebrating diversity. They also enable schools to effectively benchmark their progress and give direction to their ongoing work in this area.”

To achieve the Silver award, the academy had to demonstrate a commitment to equality including members of the LGBT community. The school has reviewed policies, put procedures in place (such as gender neutrality across the school, being prepared for LGB and trans students), staff training, an inclusive curriculum, and celebrating LGBT diversity)

The photograph shows the Governing body receiving the certificate.  Rob Butler, (Deputy head and Stonewall school champion) said  “I’m very proud of this award as it reflects the inclusive nature of our academy and our students who are accepting of others regardless of special need, race, gender or sexuality”