School trips – building resilience at the Beech Academy


Yesterday was our annual reward trip in which nearly every child in the school went on an off-site visit.  Whilst the main reason for our visit  was to reward our students for all their hard work, the visits also serve an important purpose in reinforcing our values which are

  • ambition
  • integrity
  • inclusivity
  • endeavour
  • resilience

Resilience means being able to cope with a difficult situation, or it could be recovering and bouncing back from the same difficult situation.  It is the ability to learn and grow through both the positive and negative experiences of life.  Research evidence suggests that the more of these difficult times an individual faces, the better they will be at handling similar situations in the future.

Visiting a huge, noisy and unfamiliar theme park represents a huge step forward for our learners and helps build their resilience.  Getting on rides, sometimes without an adult, helps develop these skills even more.  Yesterday saw many students try something new and we are extremely proud of the progress of all our students, no matter how big or small.

Remember that learning and progress for our students can take many forms and happens in many places, not just inside the classroom.  Thank you for your support in helping our learners make progress and improve their resilience.