Forthcoming exam dates


With examinations coming up we thought it was worth giving out a final reminder to students and parents showing the exam timetable.  The table below shows the dates that exams are taking place in school.   Students will not be taking every one of these exams – to find out which exams your child will be sitting you will have to consult the individual exam timetable that was sent home or contact the school for more information.

Exam board Subject Exam Date
AQA Core Science BL1FP 16/05/17
AQA Core Science CH1FP 18/05/17
AQA English Lit 8702 Paper 1 22/05/17
AQA Core Science PH1FP 24/05/17
OCR Maths J567 Paper 1 25/05/17
AQA Maths 8300 Paper 1 25/05/17
AQA English Lit 8702 Paper 2 26/05/17
AQA English 8700 Paper 1 06/06/17
AQA English 4702 resit Paper 1 06/06/17
AQA Maths 8300 Paper 2 08/06/17
OCR Maths J567 Paper 2 08/06/17
AQA Additional science BL2FP 09/06/17
AQA English 8700 Paper 2 12/06/17
AQA Maths 8300 Paper 3 13/06/17
AQA Additional science CH2FP 14/06/17
AQA Additional science PH2FP 16/06/17
Edexcel Functional skills ICT 15/06/17