We’ve tested your tap water and the results are in… #terrificscientific

Several of our students brought in samples of water from home for testing.  We’ve tested water from as close as the staff room and as far away as Meden Vale and the results are in.  Whilst there was some slight variation in the degree of hardness, all the samples of water fell between four and five on the scale we were using, showing that the water in the Mansfield area is quite hard (see below for what that means). We did make Miss French fetch some water from her hometown of Barnsley, and Mr Butler fetch some water from Long Eaton and both these samples proved to be hard water as well so Mansfield isn’t that unusual!




What is hard water?

Hard water is water that contains lots of dissolved minerals like Calcium and Magnesium compounds.  Some people can taste the difference between hard and soft water (soft water contains less dissolved minerals) and some people pay a premium to for bottled hard water (mineral water!)  Hard water will leave scale in your kettle and take more soap to make a lather (and is responsible for the layer of scum you often see floating on top of the water when you use soap)