Students of the Evolve Trust say sport is for everyone! #RainbowLaces


Research from Stonewall shows that:

  • 72% of football fans have heard anti-LGBT remarks at games over the last five years
  • One in five 18 to 24-year-olds say they’d be embarrassed if their favourite player came out
  • Young people are twice as likely to say anti-LGBT language is harmless if it’s just meant as ‘banter’

Schools within the Evolve Trust pride themselves on having an inclusive ethos and celebrating differences rather than discriminating against them.

As part of Rainbow laces week older students at the Beech Academy played a football match wearing Rainbow laces and took a pledge to tackle anti-LGBT remarks in Sport and whenever they hear them.  Students wore their rainbow laces with pride as a reminder of the commitment they had made.  Several students came for an extra pair so they could wear them in more than one pair of shoes at home.

The younger students in the Beech Academy went over to join the year 6 students in the Bramble academy where they all signed the pledge to tackle discriminatory language and to make sport everyone’s game.  Students, united by a common acceptance of celebrating difference, played an excellent game of football wearing their rainbow laces and posed for photographs at the end.  Students across both schools were very keen that others follow their example by showing respect and tolerance of others which the Government regard as important British values.