Top Banana – Beech Academy launches attendance competition


The Beech Academy launched its “Top Banana” competition this morning to boost student attendance.  Students were reminded that they come to school

  • To learn things
  • To see their friends
  • To have fun
  • To prepare for going to work
  • Because they have to!

They also learnt that it is important that they keep their attendance as high as possible as each day of school means some learning will be missed – a lost opportunity!  A test score of 90% sounds good but an attendance of 90% means that students miss half a year (about twenty weeks of schooling) from years 7 to 11.

All students will now have an individual target for attendance.  There will be rewards for hitting individual attendance targets.

The Top Banana competition will give the tutor group with the highest attendance three bananas, two bananas for the tutor group with second highest and one banana for the tutor group in third place.  A tutor group that has 100% attendance will also be awarded a golden banana.

We know that you will want to support us by making sure your child comes to school as much as possible.