Child of Courage

James Morley in Y9 received an award today at the Child of Courage awards ceremony.  Below is information about why James received his award-

James has been a national celebrity because of his courage when fighting a rare form of leukemia. He was diagnosed at age 11 after doctors had missed the warning signs but thankfully his optician had spotted possible symptoms during an eye test.

James received intensive chemotherapy and was a brave pioneer, being the first child in the country to undergo this new form of treatment with the drug that eventually led to him being in remission.

James joined the Beech Academy as he was recovering from his illness and in this time he has been open and honest about his leukaemia and the journey he has been on. He works tremendously hard in lessons as well as joining in with all forms of school life, he has made many friends and is highly thought of by both staff and students.

He has given speeches in assembly and shared his story around his Beads of Courage. For those of you that don’t know, one is given to every young person every time they have treatment, attend appointments, have blood taken etc. James has hundreds of these which show the journey that he has been on which would not be easy for anyone, let alone a young person.

He continues to share his experience of being a fighter with both the school and a wider audience and actively strives to raise the awareness of childhood cancers. James speaks courageously about being in remission and the possibility of a relapse in his health.

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