Mrs R Thrower

Type: Community

Roles : Full Governors

Portfolio Member: Standards & Effectiveness

Linked to: T2T Assessment, Marking & Assessment, Complaints

Rachel was born locally and has lived in Mansfield for 47 years. She has two sons, both of whom have attended the Brunts Academy

Rachel was educated at a local comprehensive schools and at West Notts College and holds a degree in Counselling, specialising in Bereavement Counselling for Children. She has worked in the Healthcare sector for 19 years (hospital, nursing home and funeral services), the public sector and also in the voluntary sector.

Rachel first became a Governor in 2008 at Brunts and has proceeded to serve as Governor at a number of other local schools (primary and special phases). She is currently Vice Chair at the Brunts Academy.

She finds the role of Governor to be very challenging yet very rewarding in many ways

Start Date 17/12/2013 – End Date 15/03/2017