Election day campaigning at the Beech Academy

Our students have been asking questions about the general election for weeks.  To help them understand how our electoral system works (and hopefully to encourage them to vote as adults) we held our own elections at the Beech Academy.

Students in year 7 and 8 devised their own electoral parties and came up with snappy names for them.  They looked at real election leaflets brought in by staff, put together their own manifestos and then had to campaign for votes.


The votes were cast and put in a ballot box, just like the votes in the general election.  Their student-friendly policies included fewer working hours, abolition of all tests and free ice cream for all.  The election was a very friendly and civil affair with no mention of austerity, the EU, immigrants or any of the usual name calling associated with an election.  We hope our members of parliament will look to the Beech Academy as a shining example (or as a source of policy ideas!)