Student from Beech Hill is a Child of Courage

jackThis Tuesday saw the 23rd annual ‘Children of Courage’ award ceremony hosted by Mansfield Rotary club.  The ceremony is held every year and pays tribute to young people who show tremendous courage in their day to day lives. Beech Hill School was proud to nominate Jack this year who is a happy and cheerful person despite often being in pain or discomfort.  Jack has hypermobility syndrome but never complains or moans, no matter what the level of pain or discomfort he is in.  The staff of the school, through Assistant Head Rob Butler, chose Jack to represent the school in recognition of his positive and cheerful attitude to life.  Jack works hard at school and claims his favourite subjects are maths and science because they are fun subjects to be in.

As well as appearing in the Mansfield Chad, Jack was interviewed at the ceremony by local radio station Mansfield 103.2 who kindly gave us an audio clip to put on our webpage.  I’m sure you will want to join us in congratulating Jack for his award and being a model student through his hard work and positive attitude.


Child of Courage Jack