Good news! 

We had a monitoring visit this week from Her Majesty’s Inspector Jane Austin. Improvements made since September have been described as impressive. We are making good progress in raising standards in learning for our students, and she said she was particularly pleased with progress in English with year 11 work described as stunning and impressive.

Teaching and learning has improved, behaviour is good and school is calm. Students work well together and have confidence in adults. The learning environment is better and displays of student work pleasing. She concluded real improvements can be seen. Our priorities for further improvement continue to be to develop Mathematics and work on areas identified in our improvement plan including rectifying gaps in basic numeracy and literacy. 

Both of us are really pleased to see such accelerated progress and delighted by the contribution made by students, staff and wish to thank Parents and agencies working with us to ensure the quality of education . 

It has been a challenging time with huge amounts of change necessary. The visit is affirmation that we are moving in the right direction and we have begun our journey in seeking outstanding outcomes for our young people: no more than they deserve 

We will provide a copy of the written feedback when it is available. 

Janice Addison (Executive Principle) and Adrian O’Malley (Head of School)